Library Council

for 2016-2020

1. Members of Council:

1) dr hab. Marek KOJDECKI - Faculty of Cybernetics;
2) dr hab. inź. Mateusz PASTERNAK - Faculty of Electronics;
3) dr inż. Wiesław MŁODOŻENIEC - Faculty of Civil engineering and Geodesy;
4) dr hab. inż. Piotr RYBAK - Faculty of Mechatronics and Aviation;
5) dr hab. Sławomir BARTOSIEWICZ - Faculty of Logistics;
6) dr hab. inż. Ryszard CHACHURSKI - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering;
7) dr inż. Rafał KOWERDZIEJ - Faculty of Advanced Technologies and Chemistry;
8) dr hab. inż. Waldemara ŻENDZIAN​ - Institute of Optoelectronics.

2. dr Bogumiła KONIECZNY-ROZENFELD - director in the Main Library.

3. Monika WRONA - student from MUT student council.

4. Sylwester CHOJNOWSKI - ph.D. Student from MUT student council.

5. Selected employees of Military University of Technology Library :

1) mgr Agnieszka DUK-DRĄG;
2) mgr Mariola NAWROCKA;
3) mgr Marcin MĘZIŃSKI.


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